Meet-milf.com Could easily be RD. If so the pricing is a bit better thru Kibblewhite.GlenClick to expand...Not unless theyve changed suppliers in the last few years. I used to sell the KPM springs but switched to RD because I had a couple of the KPM springs break in race bikes not street use and at that time I knew RD was very high quality. The last batch of RD springs I bought for Commandos had the wrong spring seats so now Im not quite as sure of their quality control. Still Im sticking with them unless I have more problems. Theyve always been very helpful when I had technical questions. Ive also had great service from KPM on valves and guides and such and its hard to beat their Black Diamond valves so I have no problems with their other products. Maybe theyve upgraded their springs since the ones I had issues with. That was a couple decades ago.Kenworntorn saidThe nice thing about the RD for a roadbike is the spring pressure is still at spec after 50000 or more miles of use. Kibblewhite might also have this kind of longevity it would be interesting

Landoflesbos.com You have to think of the PCV as more of a blow off valve for high pressure inside the motor...so ive never heard of anything like different valves for low vac. engines.It could be a vacuum leak by letting it basically be an open vacuum port if it was stuck wide open. When in doubt change it and use new hose. Also you can test to see if pcv is affecting your system by capping that port on the carb or intake and then letting the pcv vent to atmoshpere. Can get some oily residue everywhere running it like that for long.If you dont have a pcv and the oil fill cap isnt the breathable type you can build pressure and have massive front seal leakage etc...we had that issue on a SBC 400 once thought we had a terrible front seal leak someone had capped the PCV there was no venting. We swapped to a vent type oil fill cap we had lying there and off we went without issues was a work truck we always avoided putting even a dollar in itidmsg Currently r

36cams.com hard-liveteencam.netaaronaMarch 10th 2013 0113 PMIt probably wouldnt hurt. Bigger injectors wouldnt have to work as hard and it bigger maf would free up a little more room in the intake. I would suggest making your own cai too so you could use 3.54 inch tubing instead just to help it breathe a little easier.ltwargssfMarch 10th 2013 0119 PMwell intake wise im not too worried since it has a twin 65mm throttle bodyand how much bigger should I go for injectors and for the maf cna I use a cobra one 10TerrorMarch 10th 2013 0226 PMI sell a ton of those TF kits. I also have some other Trick Flow kits with my CMS cams instead of the TF cams. That gives you many more cam options and much more HP potential. Have a look at my site in my sig and let me know if you have any questions.ltwargssfMarch 10th 2013 0245 PMIm very interested in the CMSMHS 2V Modular HeadCam Package Stage 2 what does it come with exactly Just the headscams and cam gears 10TerrorQuoteltwargssfPost 5176633Im very interested in the


Desixnxx.net MikesZ06Post 1428865Id be very very careful with a cam swap. Blowers and rowdy cams rarely play well together. I seems you are not sure of how much boost youre running what upgrades to the fuel system including injectors were made nor how well it was tuned after the install.If you just want to replace your catbacks with a more aggressive sounding exhaust thats one thing. If youre going to do much more than that I would take my Z in to a quality performance shop and get the lowdown on my current mods. Thats just me though....MikeI do know I am running about 4 psi of boost... no other upgrades and I dont know how well it was tuned but if they same place that installed it tuned it they did an excellent job installing... very professional. As far as that I have talked to a performance shop... and they didnt tell me what kind of cam they wanted to put in... but a friend of mine showed me the cam I listed and I liked how that one sounded... thats why I am on here though getting others opinions on what kind of cam is good and has the deep throaty sound. or where to have one custom built I am just lookin at options before I do anything... research if you will Rupertpupkin

Nuochoatinhai.com 2001 Pro Sport 2013 HD BreakoutHello fellow BDBers Need your input. Ok so latest on my dog is Im rebuilding the top end due to a melted piston. What a pain in the effing a trying to track down all the right parts for the edelbrock heads pistons gaskets etc... After I get this all done I will post a list of parts in case anyone else with an early TP mutt motor needs the info. I gotta say the motor has all very good parts in it they are all just from different sources SS TP Jims Wiseco Edelbrock Crane etc with some no longer manufactured. Edelbrock SS TP have all been extremely helpfulI am keeping the edelbrock heads instead of swapping out for SS heads. had a long discussion with Wink Eller today what a cool guy he knows all about these specially made edelbrock BDM heads and says they out perform the SS heads by a long shot definitely keep em. They are not the same as the regular Edelbrock heads that were for sale on their website. I confirmed this with a sr tech at Edelbrock and also with a sr tech at JE pistons they made all of the 4 bore high CR pistons for Wink on these specific heads. So I can have JE run me a set of Winks high CR dome pistons but I gotta buy 4 pistons. thats expensive. my other option is to go with regular SS flat tops and deck the heads to raise CR. My goal is 10.51On to the cam I have spoken with Bob Wood Dave Mackie and of course Wink. Each has given me a unique view on choices and reasoning. The takeaway from all this has l

57-pantyhose4u.net Nasty00Fobra saidYou guys that are hating on the idea are the typical ford guys..think that ford is god...and heads that cost 2 grand you take stock 899 heads and port and polish them..a company called tic performance made 425 rwhp on a true cam only ls1 ...with the typical build with a cam headers and intake and all the little small things like push rods and lifters they make 450475 rwhp all dayClick to expand...you know theres all motor 4Vs out there that make more power ritebut who the cares shrugleave the excuses at homemy setup has a purpose and taht is to be a daily driver that runs like stock and can go on a 50 mile cruise while being the fastest in the group and not rely on a bottle bitch blower all you want where would you NA setup be without an aftermarket top endbut who the cares shrugleave the excuses at homemy setup has a purpose and taht is to be a daily driver that runs like stock and can go on a 50 mile cruise while being the fastest in the group and not rely on a bottle bitch blower all you want where would you NA setup be without an aftermarket top endClick to expand...Lol the fact of the 4v is that it costs so much more to build than a LS1..and the onlything aftermarket is a intake a carb and a cam stock for stock LS1 will out dog a 2v any day o

Deepcummer.com High Compression Engine on Pump GasIf this is your first visit be sure tocheck out the FAQ by clicking thelink above. You may have to registerbefore you can post click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messagesselect the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.Join Date3Some people dont read. My 426 131 compression averaged 1822 mpg ran low to mid 12s at 116mph in the quarter mile with crappy 2.0 sixty foot times....on street tires.....and on 93 pump gas.Jarod my engine has over 93000 miles on it and I drive it year round and it is perfectly streetable....although I wish it was a bit more ornery....but in the snow ornery becomes a PITA. There is a guy a couple hours north of you that you could talk to and hed steer you straight. Shoot me a pm and Ill give you his contact info hes not a supporting vendor on here and I dont want the naysayers poopooing someone they dont know2006 Charger Brilliant Black RT wRT Package 6.1 Arrington based 426 Hemi


Novinhasamadoras.com NN tuning helpIts pretty much just a strategy to deal with VVT and emissions et all.Advanced Neural Network is a scary cool name and all but it is not like we are dealing with the Matrix here.If it was so advanced it would tune itself for maximum performance and best emissions and make us all look like dunces.Its a looooooong way from anything like that. Originally Posted by MonzstaTheres so much going on in the pcm we cant see that would scare you. The fact we can do what we are allowed to is amazing. The NN is more than a nuisance among a bunch of tables. Among Ford Chevy and Dodge the Dodge pcm is almost sentient. The NN is as close to AI in an engine controller as it gets. Dodge has built a brain that looks at everything going on and makes its own decisions regardless of tables or data. Think of it as a mini Watson in the background.139If you dont turn it off does it not decide to ignore changes in tables when it feels like it The thing THINKS man Its COMING FOR YOU lol jk. But its certainly no slave to the tables. Thats pretty neat in my book. The manufacturers goals and ours are very different. Running what we would call a safe aggressive tune a calibration engineer could point out a hundred things that got violated like p